Damon is skilled in a wide range of photographic software and retouching applications and can efficiently retouch and enhance images. “I think ahead with the retouching in mind to capture any portions required for fast and effective work in Photoshop.”

ChCH CBD rebuild photography.

Christchurch Bus Interchange building photography

Bus Terminal CBD CHristchurch

This retouching example of the Bus Interchange features the ‘best angle’ achievable with the widest production architectural lens, but unfortunately an ugly traffic light could not be avoided. So I simply planned to remove this in post production; capturing the sky behind the lights; which made it simpler to ‘disappear’ that distracting traffic signal.

It’s just life on a building site, that there is often unwanted stuff in view: cones, signage, or vehicles. But these can be easily removed with retouching.

Retouching construction photography mess

Caulder Stuart Billboard image

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