Christchurch photographer Damon McPhail has been working in the world of commercial photography for 25 years specializing in commercial work for advertising and more recently focusing on architecture, where he works to accentuate the design and convey the shape of spaces.

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Damon is a member of AIPA (Advertising & Illustrative photographers Association NZ)                            Damon’s portfolio:  AIPA portfolio

Speights Bar smDamon’s iconic Speights image is in many Tavern’s around New Zealand.

‘I’ve been around a while. I’m not into ‘arty stuff’ for the sake of it; I just want to help New Zealand businesses grow and look damn good in the process. Successful projects deserve great photos to represent them, because at the end of the day, for the majority of an architect’s/builders clients, this will be the only way they ever get to interact with that work. It affects how professional your website looks; an indication of the professionalism you place in your work. This doesn’t mean the more expensive the better, but it does mean putting sufficient time into light, composition and computer enhancement.’

Damon Mcphail photographer Damon Mcphail


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