Professional retouching and image enhancement.

As an experienced photographer with expert retouching skills, it is an advantage to shoot with retouching in mind, capturing valuable ‘clone’ areas to use for faster and better photoshop retouching.

ChCH CBD rebuild photography.

Christchurch Bus Interchange building photography

Bus Terminal CBD CHristchurch

central chrsitchurch rebuild photography

This dusk view of the new Bus Interchange was the ‘perfect angle’, but with an unavoidable ugly traffic post in the shot. I planned to remove this in post production rather than capture a less effective angle. Importantly I shoot the extra views needed to photoshop ‘clone’ the traffic signal away (additional sky and cars to cover the road cones)


The simple reality is that no matter how tidy your contractors, building construction is work in progress so there is going to be materials, signage, skips etc. I work hard to avoid or obscure this clutter but at very little cost this can be removed with retouching.

Retouching construction photography mess

Caulder Stuart Billboard image