architecture photography exterior front

Clearwater house architecture photography exterior front


Architectural photography featuring water front

Clearwater architecture kitchen view

Kitchen interior photo

Photography for an Architects website, marketing and awards entry. Composition which reflects light in the windows to illustrate the floating roof design and alignment of background elements with the walls.Kitchen shot timed for beautiful sunrise light. Window view is a separate exposure combined in post production.

Interior photo of hall and glass

Clearwater interior view featuring glass and joinery features


Rodeca commercial interior photo

Rodeca Atrium photograph

RODECA translucent paneling. Lighting which captures both the translucent & reflective nature of the product.


BUS X_ext Sth

Christchurch Bus Terminal south photo


Bus Interchange image Interior architecture perspective

Christchurch Bus Interchange



Halswell 12

ADNZ architecture awards photography

ADNZ awards (Architectural Designers NZ) Composition and light captures the essence of the design and keeps a grey & natural colour palate.  ADNZ recommended photographer.



Shop photographer

Cafe photography new design

Esquires Cafe re-branding: With a disappointing result from another photographer and magazine print deadline extended, Esquires wanted to capture the essence of the re-branding and interior design.; The combination of 2 images captures both in a welcoming and attractive result.


Tavendale photography

Interior designer photography

Interior design client. Composition is key to capturing technology, design detail, branding and atmosphere in a single image.


Brosnan_Concrete photo

Construction photography of concrete pour

Dynamic angle and great light makes an attractive view of a subject that is usually not.



Fletcher construction photography

Fletcher Construction subsidiary Piletech: to illustrate piling work inside existing confined spaces. With strong background light, emphasized in post production, site clutter disappears and an attractive photo is created from a rather grungy situation.


Corbel_Dramatic photography

Building exterior photo featuring Christchurch CBD layout

This creative building by BECA depicts the grid street layout of central Christchurch cut into it’s metal cladding. The ‘right’ cloudy sky reflected off the panels makes the metallic surface ‘Zing’.


ChCh Bar photo

Christchurch Bar interior photography

Baretta Bar and restaurant.